Didim / Altinkum

General information Didim Altinkum Turkey 
Didim Altinkum is a popular holiday destination in Turkey and is renowned for its natural long sandy beach. With its plain geography, easy to get used, easy to live… In last ten years became a star for local and foreign tourists mostly because not only the natural beauties but also the greeters have large hospitality.

As the Strabon, famous ancient geographer and historioan said, Didim is home to the 
largest temple in the world, referring Temple of Apollon. Didim, one of the holiday resorts in Aegean coast of Turkey, will take place on the most popular tourists destinations in Turkey soon.

Didim is located on the shore of the Aegean sea in Turkey, on the north shore of the gulf of Güllük opposite the Bodrum peninsula villages such as Torba, Türkbükü and Yalıkavak, situated between İzmir and Bodrum in the province of Aydın. It is surrounded by Soke in the north, gulf of Güllük in the south, the Aegean sea in the west, and the lake of Bafa and the county of Milas in the east.

Its coastal ribbon that stretches as far as 80 km. The villages and towns around Didim are Altınkum, Yeşilkent, Mavişehir, Akbük, Akköy, Yeniakköy, Milet, Priene. Didim has a fairly flat geography and a widely scattered pattern of settlements. The covering area of Didim is approximately 300 sq. km.

According to the 2000 census; the population of the Didim Altinkum is 25.800. Today, 
It is estimated about 30.000 and in summer, it rises definitely more than 50,000.

The weather in Didim Altinkum is very mild and it enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate. In winter, the weather is pretty warm. It rains but never snows. In summer, temperatures start to increase in May and reach 33-34 C in August with little or no humidity.

Nice breezes come from the Aegean Sea to cool off Didim . The temperature of the sea is warm and ideal for swimming.